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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is PW4J for?

Next Generation Youth & Young Adults. Yet it is imperative for ALL generations to be involved in what the Lord is doing in our city.


What's the cost?

NOTHING! But, we will be selling merchandise such as custom PW4J shirts the day of the event.

*Cash Only*

 Also, light refreshments will be provided. 

*Free of Cost*


What should I bring?

Your self, some friends... and a few more. Bring homemade signs, dress for the weather (Umbrellas & rain jacket/ponchos), and bring ENERGY! 

How can I get to PW4J after church services?

We encourage everyone to attend their normal church service. Following service, carpool with one another and head to the Great Lawn, North Shore: Pittsburgh (our event location). If time permits with attendance at an earlier church service, make signs with one another & grab a bite to eat then head downtown!


What should I bring?

Your self, some friends... and a few more. Bring homemade signs, dress for the weather, and bring ENERGY! 

What does this event look like?

The event will consist of live worship, testimonies, and prayer, & then will walk the streets of Pittsburgh, demonstrating God's love and unity through the singing of songs, evangelism, and holding homemade signs.


Is Pittsburgh Walk For Jesus just a Christian event?

God has placed it on our hearts to reach our city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He alone is able to heal every broken heart and transform lives from darkness to light. We believe that not only is the next generation taking on the mantle of making His Kingdom known but is also inviting and encouraging everyone to be a part of it. 


What are ways I can get involved with Pittsburgh Walk For Jesus

Volunteering, Donating, and Prayer are just a few ways you can partner with us! Check out our official Partner tab & Volunteer Tab!



Feel free to send us an email with additional questions/concerns.

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